Watermeets: Kuopio

Watermeets: Kuopio, was commissioned for ANTI International Contemporary Art Festival, Kuopio, Finland, September 2017.

Watermeets: Kuopio was a participatory performance, performed six times over two days, to a capacity audience of ninety. When booking to take part, audience members were invited to bring with them a sample of water from their everyday lives, which would be used in the performance. Audience-participants met Minty Donald and Nick Millar in Kuopio town centre. After a short introduction, they travelled with the artists by minibus to either the local fresh water or waste water treatment plant. In the participatory performance, audience members learned about and engaged in the meetings of different waters: waters within the ‘natural’ waterscape of Kuopio and the ‘built’ infrastructure through which water is managed by local water company Kuopion Vesi. Six employees oflocal water management company, Kuopion Vesi, participated in Watermeets: Kuopio as guides.

‘This week I’ve got a new perspective to water.’ Employee, Kuopion Vesi.

ANTI Contemporary Art Festival valued the project for its success in involving a local, non-arts, company [Kuopion Vesi] in ANTI Festival of Contemporary Art.  And for framing the unexceptional, often overlooked, processes and infrastructure that provides utilities like water in a playful, poetic and provocative way.’ Artistic Director, ANTI Contemporary Art Festival.

‘I’ve discovered how to “meet” water! And how each water is different.’ Audience-participant.

The script for the performance in English and Finnish.


Minty Donald also took part in the Poetics and Politics of Water symposium, which was part of ANTI’s 2017 festival on the theme of water.