Watermeets: Hamburg

Watermeets: Hamburg was the second iteration of Watermeets, an evolving Guddling About performance that hinges around ideas and practices of ‘meeting’. In Watermeets, ‘meeting’ is understood as a more-than-human occurrence taking place in multiple forms and scales among, within, and between humans and other-than-humans. 

Watermeets: Hamburg took place over one week during the Theater der Welt festival and Performance Studies international conference in Hamburg, June 2017. For four days leading up to the conference, Minty Donald and Nick Millar travelled by cycle, train and ferry to thirty-five places where tributaries join the main rivers of Hamburg: the Elbe, Alster and Wandse. At each meeting place, Minty and Nick borrowed a bottle of water and photographed the watercourse. The bottles, with a photograph and performance score for Watermeets: Hamburg attached, were offered to visitors to the Theater der Welt festival and delegates at the Performance Studies international conference, at Kampnagel contemporary arts venue, Hamburg. Participants who took a bottle were asked to introduce the water to other water, people and things that they met. They were invited to share images and comments about their meetings on social media. Thirty-five people participated in the project, and over forty posts, photographs and comments were received. Some of these can be seen here https://twitter.com/hashtag/watermeetshamburg