Melting Species: Glasgow

Melting Species: Glasgow was commissioned for the Only Human? festival, Glasgow, November 2014.

Melting Species (River Kelvin)

Select a number of species of animal and/or plant commonly found near to the River Kelvin. Calculate the (approximate) quantity of water present in a healthy member of each species. Acquire a selection of differently-sized drinking water containers. Assign each animal/plant to an appropriately-sized water container. Fill each container with a quantity of water corresponding to the water present in its assigned animal/plant. Place the containers in a freezer. The water should be borrowed from the River Kelvin. Wait until all the water is frozen. (This might take several days for larger animals and plants, such as the human or roe deer.) Take the ice moulds from the freezer and place them somewhere near to the River Kelvin. Carefully remove the ice columns from the moulds. Observe the ice melting. Remember that hands should be washed thoroughly if they come into contact with water from the River Kelvin.